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Wednesday cannon fodder: goals galore

An Arsenal goal record and a Golden Boot sporcle!

Ted Drake Arsenal Football Cigarette Card 1935 Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images/Hulton Archive

One week from today, it will be an Arsenal matchday once again. We’ve got seven more Arsenal-less days to make it through. When things resume, Arsenal could have a match about every three days depending on how deep they go in the FA Cup. To make a run, Arsenal will need goals. Thankfully, the Gunners have Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whose 49 goals since coming into the Premier League trail only Mo Salah’s 50 over that same span. But his scoring exploits are dwarfed by those of one Edward (Ted) Joseph Drake.

Ted Drake holds the club record with seven goals in a match.

He managed the feat in 1935 against Aston Villa. Had VAR existed back then, the record might be eight — Drake claimed he scored another that hit the crossbar and went in but was not awarded by the referee. He also holds the club record for league goals in a season, 42 and added two more in the FA Cup and Community Shield, for good measure. He is fifth all-time in goals scored for Arsenal.

Today’s sporcle goes hand-in-hand with the goalscoring theme: naming the Premier League Golden Boot winners. I got 25/34. There were two that I kicked myself for not getting. The other seven, I didn’t have a chance.