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Wednesday cannon fodder: sporcle sporcle sporcle

Better late than never!

Arsenal Club Crest Photo by Visionhaus

Today’s quiz is Premier League Clubs All Time — you have to name as many of the clubs that have played in the PL as you can. I feel like this one is easier than last week’s quiz, but still not a gimme, especially for those of us (like me) who were in kindergarten when the league came into existence.

I got 32 of 49. Some of the clubs only exist on the edges of my mind. When I saw their names, I said “oh yeah, that is the name of a club in England.” I’m not going to lie, as the timer ticked down, I started typing names of English towns followed by “United, F.C., Town, and City,” in the hopes I’d find one or two more correct answers.

I’ll happily admit that the last all-28-season club that came to my mind was that one across North London that we don’t like. There would have been no shame in forgetting its existence altogether.