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Wednesday cannon fodder: another Sporcle Day

I went easier this week.

Netherlands Continues ‘Intelligent Lockdown’ Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

After last week’s extremely difficult career player movement map quiz, I think I have scaled back the difficulty this week. Today, we have “Fill in the missing word in the club name” with one missing word for each letter of the alphabet.

I got 24/26 and had I thought more strategically, I might have gotten 25. That’s my hint — if you get stuck, try to think of words that might be in club names with the letter in question and ignore the “fill in” part. It might help. The other one I missed I was never getting.

Shifting gears, today in Arsenal history Aaron Ramsey’s 79th minute goal lifted the Gunners to a 2-1 victory over Chelsea in the 2017 FA Cup Final. The win broke a deadlock with Manchester United and gave Arsenal sole possession of “Most FA Cups Won” with 13.

In a different category of “good things,” the NWSL announced it will return to play next month with a 25-game Challenge Cup in Utah!