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Monday cannon fodder: worst Arsenal memory

What if things had gone differently?

The scoreboard displays the 8-2 score-li Photo credit should read ANDREW YATES/AFP via Getty Images

The cross-SB Nation theme this week is “What If” and we’ve been told to interpret it broadly. Basically, we’re supposed to look back on anything in club history — matches, injuries, transfers, seasons, executive decisions — and fantasize what could have been had things gone another way.

In that spirit, I wanted to kick things off with a question for you all that gets you in on the re-writing history fun and might spark some ideas for us to work with as the week goes on.

What is your worst Arsenal memory?

Like the week’s theme, interpret that broadly. It could be a particularly bad match, a player sale or injury, a refereeing decision that didn’t go the Gunners’ way, whatever you want.

What immediately came to mind for me was the 2015-16 Premier League season. It feels like that title was Arsenal’s to lose, which as we know, is exactly what they did. Spinning that out in the vaguest of ways, I think a PL title buys Arsene Wenger enough goodwill to not be forced to step down at the end of 2018. Le Professeur managing for another season or two gives Mikel Arteta another year of experience learning from Pep Guardiola, and Arsenal the opportunity to set up a better succession plan than the hurried one that we saw. By the time Wenger leaves on his own terms, Mikel Arteta is ready to go, and Arsenal miss the Unai Emery disaster entirely. Aaron Ramsey, properly rated by Wenger and Arteta, is still an Arsenal man. The possibilities stretch on and on.

“What if” speculation can be fun (or terribly sad when you think about what could have been). It should be an interesting week!