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The Shirt Fuse: Home kit leaked

Long rumored look has dropped on the twitterverse

Arsenal 2019-20 Adidas Home Kit Launch Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal’s rumored 2020 home shirt from adidas has been leaked. My oh, oh my, it is a red shirt with white sleeves! So before we break down the new home shirt, please see my 2020 kit preview here.



The Good:

Red and white? Check. There is obviously some disparity between the two images shown above, I would lean towards Footy Headlines version being closer to the finished product. The pattern on the front is rub a lot of people the wrong way, but I believe the actual pattern will be a lot more faint than the enhanced image above. From the watching from the stands (hopefully) to watching on television, it will look plain red as usual. I really like the white collar, a la the Nike produced home kit 2010. There is a definite cuff to these from the images, I would love to get my eyes on a long sleeve version of these. Great red and navy stitch in the cuff. Getting used to seeing ‘Emirates Fly Better’ will take a month or so to get used to, versus the previous ‘Fly Emirates’ sponsorship logo. I am a big fan of the old cannon logo on the neckline of the back of the shirt, class touch.

The Bad:

The first bad thing to me on this kit is the white shoulders on the back of the shirt. It doesn’t match the front at all, it is totally unnecessary and really throws the balance of the kit off. Next is the three stripes down the side of the torso, I am glad the stripes aren’t down the the entirely of the sleeve, our current version is fine where it is just on the shoulders, but this really takes away from flow of the shirt overall. If just a Nike check is enough for Nike on the front of a shirt, then adidas’ logo on the front across from the badge is enough, put stripes down the shorts if you want, but multiple branding logos is just overload. Puma did this too, it is a damn shame.


For adidas’ second iteration of our home kits, it is just fine. I prefer the current home kit to this. I only purchased the away kit this season, I had plans to get the home kit and didn’t. If I find a long sleeve of this version at a good price, with well executed cuffs, I will most likely purchase. Arsenal home kits are pretty timeless, so even when its bad, its still good.

Rating - 6/10