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Wednesday cannon fodder: brutal quiz

This one is a toughie.

Arsenal FC v West Ham United - Premier League
Is Auba on the list?
Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

It’s Wednesday so that means it’s Sporcle day. This one is brutally difficult (at least for me). In fact, it was so tough that I really don’t want to share my score. But you know what, I’m a man of the people — I got 12 of 23. A healthy 52% score.

It’s “One Team Premier League Scoring Leaders” — players who scored 50+ goals playing for only one Premier League team in their careers. That’s not 50+ goals for one team. That’s guys who scored 50+ AND played for only one Premier League team. Brutally difficult.

Once I revealed the answers, I was disappointed in a couple of guys that I missed, but if I had thought a bit more critically, I might have picked out a few more. I wasn’t ever getting 23/23.

A hint: think guys who played in the Premier League and then left for other leagues. I think that will help you get a few more than I did. Good luck. Let us know how you did in the comments.