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Warning Shots Podcast: Best XI of the last XI

Michael and Aidan decided to dial in during our stay at home period and discuss their Arsenal best XI from the past XI years. But there are some rules to these perfect sides!

Hertha BSC press conference Photo by Jan-Philipp Burmann/ City-Press GmbH via Getty Images

Hey y’all, Warning Shots podcast drops their third episode of 2020. Michael and Aidan have decided to do TSF’s dirty work and drink beer whiskey safely from home while we decided who would make their best Arsenal XI of the last eleven years, but with some caveats!

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week where Michael and Aidan will draft against each other for these starting elevens without overlapping players from any of the past eleven years!

If you like the podcast, let us know! We want to continue to have outside discussion on Arsenal (other than match preview and review) and we definitely want to have more pints. If there is a subject you’d like to see be discussed, drop a line in the comment section.

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