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The Shirt Fuse: Upcoming kits

Taking a look at what is coming down the pipeline

Arsenal 2019-20 Adidas Home Kit Launch Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Time is bountiful at the moment and the more time I have, the more I look at football kits (mostly of yesteryear). There was a recent tweet that lead me to writing this article.

Without a doubt, it is truly a massive shame. Year one for adidas has been cut short, not only for Unai Emery, but for our 2020 Bruised Banana kit. However, we can trust our friends at Footy Headlines to give us a preview of what Arsenal will be playing in during the 2020/21 season. Also, if you’re looking for a book during your quarantine, may I recommend The Arsenal Shirt.

*Disclaimer for the purposes of this article: kits will be referenced in accordance to shirt/shorts/socks in that order. Ex: red/white/white

Home Kit: Red/White/White

We know it’ll be red with white sleeves. I like the updated version the Gunners wore this year, it was clean and immediately you knew it was a proper Arsenal home kit, unlike some of Puma’s previous designs. The incoming kit will have a slightly darker shade of red, but not to the extreme of the classic Highbury 2006 shade.

Away Kit: White/Maroon/White (hoping for hooped socks)

Stated above are my thoughts, double down on the current away kit. That won’t be happening thought because $$$ or £££, but I can dream. Footy Headlines gives us a hint that we’re throwing it back to 2007/08 away kit combo of white/maroon/white. Socks typically change on away kits depending on the home team’s primary, so we could see a variety used here, but I truly believe hooped socks make most kits better. The color is designated as ‘Cloud white’ so I’ll trust that to mean there is some grey in the overall design, a la 07/08 kit or the most recent away kit for the Portland Thorns.

3rd Kit: Navy/Orange/Navy

Well it’ll be the 2nd year in a row with a navy 3rd kit. 3rd kits don’t mean much generally, but when they’re good its a added bonus. I am most interested in seeing the shorts for this kit if they truly are this shade of orange. I think I may even decided to purchase them because I always found it a true shame the volt green ones Arsenal worn once versus Ludogorets never came to the public market.