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Wednesday cannon fodder: class, there’s a quiz today

And this material WILL be on the final.

Zoom Video Communications Headquarters Photo by Smith Collection/Gado/Getty Images

Ok, I lied. There are actually two quizzes today — Corporate Logos 1 and Corporate Logos 2. Some of the logos may be out of date, so it’s also a bit of a history quiz. For the super adventurous among you, there are quizzes 3-8 on Sporcle as well, but they’re not assigned work for today.

I think as sports fans, we are uniquely positioned to do well on these. We see these logos on the fronts of jerseys, on advertising around the fields/courts, and on the commercials. Although I suppose a bunch of us don’t watch commercials anymore because of DVR. Do you DVR sports and not watch them live? I watch Arsenal matches live so that I can tweet and recap them, but most other sports, I tape. I’ve got it down to a science; I know how much lead time to give each sport so that I catch up to the live action at the last commercial break, and I know how many 30-second jumps to use for each stoppage.

But I digress. How’d you do on the quizzes? I nailed the first one, 35/36 logos. The second one I struggled with, 20/36. I think I could have gotten more correct on the second, but I ran out of patience and gave up.