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Wednesday cannon fodder: World Cup Winners

It’s Wednesday so that means a new Sporcle quiz!

Independiente v Gimnasia Y Esgrima La Plata - Superliga 2019/20 Photo by Marcelo Endelli/Getty Images

This week’s quiz is a two-fer World Cup Winners (men) and World Cup Winners (women). It’s a bit more challenging because you actually have to match the country with the year it won. You can’t just type in the name of countries you know have won multiple and have them populate. Also, as I discovered a few minutes in, the quiz gives you the runner-up. So don’t guess Brazil for 1950 because it would be pretty tough for them to be both winner and runner-up in the same year.

It still comes as a surprise to me that just 8 countries have won the World Cup on the men’s side (yes, I know that is a small hint). There’s so much talent in world football, and the game is continuing to grow — I expect that number to go up significantly in my lifetime.

I got 18 of 21 correct for the men — missed a few of the early ones. You’ll forgive me, I wasn’t around back then. I also ALMOST missed a relatively recent one; I’ll share which in the comments below. I went 8 of 8 on the women’s winners.