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Wednesday cannon fodder: hat tricks

It’s Sporcle day y’all!

New Jersey Devils v New York Rangers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Another Wednesday, another Sporcle. Today, it’s Arsenal Premier League hat tricks. This seems like a particularly apt quiz now that we’ve been doing the Favorite Player voting — Arsenal players of the last 30+ years have hopefully been on all our minds for the last week.

Speaking of the bracket, the Highbury Region first round voting closes later today, but there is still time to vote. The Hale End Region voting closes Thursday, and the London Colney Region voting closes Friday. Second round voting is underway in the Emirates Region.

Back to the quiz, I only got 29/39, but it was before I’d finished my coffee, so I’m going to blame it on that. There’s one name that I’m disappointed I didn’t come up with; I’m fine with the rest that I missed.

I am bummed that the quiz is limited to Premier League hat tricks because it excludes my favorite hat trick in Arsenal history (because of the scorer and because I was there in person). This one.