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Tuesday cannon fodder: wet powder

Less than a week without sports and I may already be losing it.

The Guards of Fort York, Fort George and Old Fort Erie give a music and battle tactics demonstration on Simcoe Day. Fort York honours Upper Canada’s first lieutenant governor and founder of the fort and the Town of York John Graves Simcoe. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Wet powder is what you want to avoid, right? You want to keep your powder dry, I think. With basically all of sports being on an extended break, it feels like I’m shooting blanks. There really isn’t enough content out there to do a links dump because I’m trying like heck to avoid inundating you with COVID-19 stories.

As I intimated yesterday, I’d like for TSF to be a coronavirus free place as much as we can possibly manage. To the extent that there is news about Arsenal that relates to the virus, we will cover it, but I really want y’all to be able to escape here.

With that in mind, what are you guys doing during the sports break to get your fix? My family is watching NBCSN’s Premier League features. Some friends are binge-watching 30 for 30 episodes. Others are having sports movie marathons. What are you watching?

I promise I’ll keep posting CF’s for you all. They will probably get more random and rambling as we get further into our hiatus. For the sake of all of our sanity, please leave sports-content suggestions in the comments for us to consume. Maybe we’ll set up a sports movie/documentary club. That would be cool, right?