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Monday cannon fodder: social distancing

To combat COVID-19, the Premier League is temporarily shut down. We all have a role to play as well.

Premier League Matches Called Off Over Coronavirus Concerns Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

COVID-19 news is everywhere, likely to the point where it has become overwhelming. To the extent that you come to TSF to escape it, I’m sorry for bringing it to you here. With Mikel Arteta testing positive and club personnel self-isolating, it’s a bit inevitable. But I also feel compelled both as someone with a (small) platform and as a member of society to do my part to help all of us get through this. I’ll keep it brief.

Listen to the experts. Please, as much as you can, stay home. I know that everybody has different circumstances, responsibilities, commitments, and capabilities, so do the best you can. When you do have to go out in public, practice social distancing. Avoid touching your face. Wash your hands properly. And just be good to each other.

It’s not just about keeping yourself safe and healthy. It’s about the health and safety of the community. It’s about protecting the most vulnerable people — the elderly, the sick, the immunocompromised. It’s about not overloading the health care system so that people who need treatment for other serious conditions can get the medical attention they need.

I’m not the only person banging this drum. People around the sports world are putting out similar messages about coronavirus, including Arsenal players.

One message that I particularly enjoyed (because if you didn’t know, I’m an LSU fan) was from National Champion Head Football Coach Ed Orgeron.

And if Arsenal stars and Coach O’s distinctive voice didn’t get the message across, maybe the Wu Tang Clan will.

We’ve got some really cool stuff in the works to fill the Arsenal void in all our lives, including things that you, reader, will have a direct hand in selecting (hint, hint). So make sure you stay tuned. And we’re around in the comments to shoot the breeze about the Gunners, the Premier League, football, or whatever else might be on your mind. Stay safe, stay healthy, and as always, Up the Arsenal.