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Wednesday cannon fodder: titletowns in Europe and South America

A tougher Sporcle quiz today.

Vintage globe of the earth Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images

Today’s Sporcle quiz is more difficult than the last few have been. It’s Top 3 Clubs by Titles Won from 16 different countries in Europe and South America. I’d expect you to go three-for-three on some of the countries, but for others, I’ll be impressed if you even get one.

With Arsenal’s three-season long and counting Europa League adventure, we’ve now faced some of the clubs that we might not have played back when the Gunners were a Champions League team. Some of them turn up in the quiz. I wouldn’t be surprised if Arsenal met up with others from the list in the coming seasons.

I couldn’t even get half correct, but that might be in part because I was feeling a bit foggy last night, and I don’t think I was firing on all cylinders. I’ll admit, however, that even if I was operating at full strength, there are several I would not have gotten anyway. I had no chance on the clubs from Romania or Denmark — I’ve never heard of the teams.

Let us know how you did in the comments!