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Mikel Arteta makes a very good point about Tottenham and Harry Kane

I don’t think we’ve noted this enough, but it’s absolutely true.

Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta
Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta
Photo by David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

At his press availability today, Arsenal Head Coach Mikel Arteta was asked if Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang deserves some kind of silverware for his goal-scoring prowess as he’s currently tied for the most goals in the Premier League this year with Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy. Apparently, good strikers are supposed to win trophies just because they are good strikers. Forget about the other ten guys on the pitch, if you score lots of goals you might “deserve” trophies.

Arteta answered the question properly by noting that Tottenham and their striker Harry Kane...haven’t won a damn thing:

Yeah, but Harry Kane has scored 30 goals and never won the Premier League. You know? So [there are] a lot of good examples of players that they do phenomenal. Unfortunately in this country, there [are] a lot of top teams, and only one wins the league.


You can’t have everything in life.

Arteta is correct. Since its creation in 1992, the Premier League has been won by Tottenham exactly 0 times. Kane, who has played for Tottenham since 2009, has also been a champion never. He’s scored a lot of goals, and hasn’t won any meaningful trophies.

I feel like, in the spirit of transparency and honesty, this should probably be brought up more.

When asked about tactics, Arteta could calmly insist, “We are looking at how to create more in the midfield without sacrificing our defensive integrity. Also, Tottenham has never won the Premier League.”

Young Bukayo Saka asked to reflect on another impressive performance? “I am just doing my best to support the team and learn from the more experienced players who have accomplished so much in their careers. For example, I learned from them that Tottenham have never won the Premier League before.”

Other teams could, in fact, take after the practice and note themselves that Tottenham has never won the Premier League. It’s entirely true, and educating the public is of the highest importance!

So yes, while I’m sure all Arsenal supporters are hoping that Aubameyang will win the Golden Boot outright after a three-way tie for it last year between Auba, Liverpool midfielder Sadio Mané and Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah and that the club will win some silverware to reward Aubameyang for his excellence, I think we can all support a public education campaign to make sure everyone knows that Tottenham has never won the Premier League.

It’s the right thing to do.