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Wednesday cannon fodder: scorers

The picture may be giving one of the answers away.

Thierry Henry Dreamcast
What is happening here...
Photo by Matthew Fearn - PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

For this week’s quiz, I think I’ve found a slightly easier one — Arsenal top scorers in the Premier League by season. It’s close to the one from two weeks ago, but not exactly the same. Even though a few names knock out about half the seasons, there are few random ones mixed in there that might trip you up.

I’m also curious, how would you all feel about soccer-related quizzes that aren’t necessarily Arsenal focused? It seems to me that there are a finite number of lists about the Gunners that you can make, and beyond that, you run out of options. We could even go beyond soccer to the sports world in general, or even beyond sports to random trivia.

I appreciate the kind words and understanding you all showed in the comments on yesterday’s CF about The Manager That Shall Not Be Named. I’m enjoying taking some morning posts to communicate directly to y’all so that we can get to know each other better as we set off on this TSF journey together. I read all the comments and try to be involved in the discussions, but if you’d ever like to reach out in a more private manner, my Twitter DM’s (@AaronCLerner) are open.