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Arsenal 4 - Newcastle 0: community ratings


Arsenal FC v Newcastle United - Premier League
Relief, personified.
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Today, we are all Alexandre Lacazette. The look of joyous relief on his face when he banged home Arsenal’s fourth on the day to break his nine-match scoring drought is likely being mirrored on Gooner faces worldwide.

Arsenal needed today. The support needed today. Today is a good day.

What started out looking like yet another listless march towards a disappointing draw turned into a goal-scoring bonanza of a rout. Credit to Mikel Arteta and the team for making the necessary adjustments at halftime to eviscerate Newcastle in the second half.

And a clean sheet on top of it all. Even though Arsenal were a Kieran Clark what the heck was that and an Allan Saint-Maximin shot off the post from things being a bit different, it’s about time the ball bounced the Gunners’ way.

Today’s win could be the start of something very good for Arsenal. Let us know what you thought of the performance.