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Arsenal holiday gift guide

For the Gooner in your life. Or, you know, yourself.

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Christmas presents, UK Photo by: Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The holidays are almost upon us, which means you’re probably still trying to find gifts for at least some of the people on your list. Don’t worry, TSF has you covered. If they are Gooners, might I suggest one of the items listed below? By the way, you should probably act sooner rather than later because shipping is expected to take longer than usual this year for obvious reasons.

I just finished my list and sent it to my family (after they harassed me for more than a week to put it together). I asked for the current white kit, which I’ve not included on this list because I think it’s polarizing. You either love it or you hate it, and that’s not a good recipe for a gift.

There’s a small part of me that feels icky putting together such a “trope” post. But it’ll get clicks, and clicks are good. Also, I had fun doing it and learned a few things about myself. Or reinforced things I already knew. I’m a sucker for the Bruised Banana, Invincibles nostalgia, and posters / prints. [Update: I’ve already been pointed in the direction of some other great Arsenal gifts, and I’ve added them to the gallery].

Hopefully I help at least some of you find a gift for a loved one. Or if you’re like me and struggle to pick out things to ask for, maybe this will help you fill out your own list. Or maybe you’ll see something you absolutely have to have and buy it for yourself. And that will make you happy. 2020 stunk. Happiness is good. Buy Arsenal stuff if that will create happiness.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!

There’s no promotional connection to or consideration received from any of the items listed here. It’s just a bunch of Arsenal stuff that I think is cool and would make good gifts. Support local and small makers if you can!