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Thursday Cannon Fodder: second favorite


I’m going to guess that most of you hang out here because you’re Arsenal fans. But what if you weren’t an Arsenal fan, who would you support then? I know that a number of you have teams in other leagues around Europe and the world that you follow and cheer for, but what about in the Premier League?

As far as the other leagues go, if Arsenal wasn’t my first team, A.C. Milan would be. That’s mostly because my father was an A.C. Milan fan from back in the Maldini days, and that fandom rubbed off on me. They’re rather like Arsenal — a giant club that has slipped from it’s pedestal a bit and is working to get back to the top.

A Premier League second team is a tougher nut to crack. I would have enjoyed Leicester’s 2016 title a lot more if it hadn’t come at Arsenal’s expense, but I followed it with interest. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Leeds United so far this season. Wolves have also been pretty fun to watch since they came up. But I think all of those are flash-in-the-pan things that are interesting for a while and then peter out rather than sides I could genuinely root for over a long period of time.

I’m inclined to say Everton would be my team if I wasn’t an Arsenal supporter, but man, that’s a lot of frustration and disappointment to bring into my life. Everton are like Arsenal without the success (this season’s hot start notwithstanding). Yeah, I think it would be Everton. I wonder what that says about me.