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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: open thread and quiz

Dundalk FC v Molde FK: Group B - UEFA Europa League Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Because my mental is toasted today, I don’t really have much I can say that will be creative or particularly interesting for CF. I get the feeling there are a large number of Americans in that same boat.

Here is a “Name the U.S. Presidents” quiz. Sorry in advance to our non-U.S. readers, but this one is apropos for obvious reasons. I’m not going to take the quiz or share my results until the comments later today, most likely after I’ve had a nap.

Arsenal play Molde tomorrow. We’ll have a Preview up later today. For now, check out Nathan’s Predicted XI. I was amused that Molde’s coach, Erling Moe, reached out to his predecessor at the club to get the inside scoop on Arsenal. In case you didn’t know, that predecessor is Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. I’m not sure that chatting with him, especially after he just lost to Arsenal 1-0, is going to give you much insight, Mr. Moe. Perhaps he can tell you what not to do.

Be good to yourselves and to each other.