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Wednesday Cannon Fodder: quiz time

New York Cosmos Legends Gala Photo by Jerritt Clark/WireImage

Today’s Sporcle quiz will make our MLS (and NASL) fans happy — Did They Play in the United States? It’s a field of 35 players, and you’ve got to identify the 20 of them that played stateside. You’ve only got 20 guesses, so wrong answers count against you.

Tough to come up with any hints for this one, but try this — be careful because some of the guys on the list are specifically chosen to confuse with guys that actually played in the U.S. whether it’s similar nationality, similar sounding name, whatever. I’d suggest knocking out the ones you’re 100% sure about first before you pick players about whom you aren’t as certain.

I got 12/20. I identified all of the MLS guys and a few of the ones who played in the NASL. I’m going to chalk it up to age. I’d heard of all the older players, I just wasn’t sure which of them had played in the states.

Good luck! Let us know in the comments how you did.