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Lucas Torreira to complete Atlético Madrid loan

Thomas Partey goes one way, Lucas Torreira heads back the other.

Arsenal Training Session Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

Arsenal are on their way to getting their man today, but when one midfielder leaves another must take their place, apparently. For Atletico Madrid, that man is Lucas Torreira. Triggering Thomas Partey’s release clause means Arsenal don’t have any negotiating to do with Atleti on that deal. It’s not clear, however, where the negotiations stand for Lucas Torreira, beyond the fact that he’s headed to Atleti on loan.

The reports have been all over the map. I’ve seen both no option/obligation to buy and a £22M option to buy. I have not seen any reporting that an obligation to buy was on the table. I have also not seen anything about a potential loan fee or who will be covering his wages this season.

Things could get a bit dicey next summer with respect to a Torreira sale to Atleti, however. The Madrid side are reportedly irate with the lack of a “courtesy call” from Arsenal to inform them they were triggering Partey’s release clause. Who knows how long they’ll hold a grudge.

I’d add that they probably should have known it was at least a possibility given Arsenal’s repeated, demonstrated interest in Partey, and their steadfast refusal to move off their release clause demands. What goes around, comes around, I suppose.

Lucas Torreira is a good player who couldn’t find his fit in North London. He arrived at the Emirates following a very positive World Cup in 2018 and became a fan favorite at the Emirates. Reasons for his failure to settle in might include being coached by He Who Must Not Be Named who insisted on playing him as a high pressing advanced midfielder, injuries, a caretaker manager, and a new manager in Arteta who doesn’t rate his on-ball abilities.

We’ll always have that goal against Spurs, Lucas. I truly wish you the best, and for the sake of Arsenal’s bottom line, may you light La Liga aflame and fetch Arsenal a plentiful transfer sum next summer.