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Friday Cannon Fodder: whoops

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

You may have missed it last night because you don’t watch the NFL or you were watching other things, but Daniel Jones, QB for the New York Giants had one of the better (worse?) blooper moments in recent memory. He was in the clear on an 80-yard run, looked sure to score, and then this happened.

Tripping over the grass (from being going too fast, I think), immediately joins the ranks of the all-time unfortunate sports moments from my lifetime. Others on that list that come to mind are the Butt Fumble and the Gerrard Slip. I’m sure there are other ones that are escaping my pre-coffee brain right now, so please leave them in the comments.

To be fair to Jones, I’ve definitely seen that happen before to other athletes and have felt like I’d run myself out of control a time or two as well. Also, he topped 22 MPH on the run, which is pretty impressive. But even his teammates were laughing at him on the sidelines, so I feel okay laughing at him too.

Sidenote: that play made me think of a VCR my family had of Marv Albert’s Sports Bloopers from the early 90’s that we would throw on from time to time.