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Friday Cannon Fodder: the beautiful game

Restrictions Continue To Ease In NSW As COVID-19 Case Numbers Remain Low Photo by Jenny Evans/Getty Images

What got you into soccer? Friends? Family? Being signed up to play U6 on Saturday morning by your parents? Or was it a decision you made yourself later on in life?

For me, it was playing soccer. My Dad is a big fan of the game and played recreationally for most of his life. He had both my sister and I kicking a ball in the front yard almost as soon as we could walk. That blossomed into playing youth soccer, both house league and travel. But the most important “playing” that I did was with my friends and family in the front yard. We would pass, shoot, and play 1 v 1, 2 v 1, whatever the numbers allowed, until we ran out of light.

I didn’t get into watching soccer until MLS and World Cup ‘98. although I suppose some of that is tied to coverage availability and how old I was. I distinctly remember watching France-Italy from the 19th hole restaurant/bar at Ruttgers Bay Lake Lodge in Deerwood, MN that we had specifically requested they open because it was the only place at the resort that had satellite TV and a feed of the match. My Mom and I were cheering for France, my Dad and sister for Italy.

How about you, TSFers?