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Tuesday Cannon Fodder: excitement

Arsenal Prepare for New Singing Thomas Partey Photo by Stuart MacFarlane/Arsenal FC via Getty Images

It’s been coming for a while. That feeling of anticipation, of nervous energy, the good kind of bubbling and churning in my stomach.

I’m excited about Arsenal Football Club again.

To be fair, I’ve been excited about the team since the Mikel Arteta “effect” started to take hold in the side. It looked like Arsenal had direction and a clear idea of how they wanted to play. But the side was limited by, perhaps, not having the correct pieces and players best-suited to expressing the manager’s vision.

The front office has been working to change that. They had, in my estimation, a successful transfer window. Say what you want about his mixed performances so far, but I think Willian on a free was a good signing. He’s got offensive contribution in him still. Gabriel Magalhaes looks to be a steal, a bonafide star in the making. And either today or tomorrow, we’ll get the first pictures of the crown jewel of the window, Thomas Partey, in Arsenal red. Of everything happening at the club, I’m most excited by his arrival.

I’m excited to see what this team looks like with Partey in the side. I’m excited for this season and the club going forward. Good things are on the horizon. What are you most excited about at Arsenal?