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New episode of Warning Shots

Michael and Aidan kick of the Warning Shots podcast for 2020!

Microphones Sky Sport Photo by Tobias Hase/picture alliance via Getty Images

Hey y’all, Warning Shots podcast has officially kicked off for 2020! Michael and Aidan have decided to do TSF’s dirty work and drink beer around the city of Portland while talking all things Arsenal! This week we discussed Arsenal Women and their history of success along with current squad, key players, difference of playing in WSL vs NWSL and of course, their title chances.

A big shoutout to Barley Mill Pub in SE PDX for allowing us to record here and apologies in advance for the slight interruption of our bartender of a patron during Aidan’s discussion.

If you like the podcast, let us know! We want to continue to have outside discussion on Arsenal (other than match preview and review) and we definitely want to have more pints. If there is a subject you’d like to see be discussed, drop a line in the comment section.

As always, rate/review/subscribe! Available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!