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Thursday cannon fodder: Dreaming at last

Arsenal FC v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Visionhaus

What a start to the new decade. I know I woke up with a sense of a excitement that was muddled with caution. 2019 was not kind to the Arsenal, and even harsher to us fans who were wondering from afar how everything had gotten so bad.

That all changed on a beautiful night in North London as Arsenal defeated Manchester United 2-0, dominating the Red Devils from the opening kickoff and then showed maturity and grit to lock the result down in the last 20 minutes. Keeping a clean sheet that has often escaped Arsenal for some years now.

The roars throughout the match could be heard load and clear through my television, and got me semi-emotional as I could tell Arsenal and it’s fans were turning a new leaf. The roars at the final whistle all but confirmed that as Arsenal got the monkey off of their back and won its first Premier a League match at home in four tries, and the first win overall in the Mikel Arteta era.

It has been a long time coming, but like finding an oasis in a desert, the sweet thirst-quenching water is the best tasting thing that you could put your lips too. Mikel Arteta is our Oasis, and I’ll save the Wonderwall joke for another time.

It seems like Arsenal are on the verge of some sort of a breakthrough, and starting the new decade off with a win over a longtime rival was as welcome as any present that I could have received over the holidays.

I hope all of you Gooners enjoyed the dominating win as much as I did; and I hope that all of the things that you wish for come true this year. Arsenal’s season is practically a write-off, but I hope that we can all get behind this project and observe and appreciate these green-shoot moments as they pop up over the next couple of months. Just like the things you are wishing for and working towards, the reward comes after hard work and diligence, and I hope Arsenals best days are a couple months away just like your successes.

Leave what you would like to see from Arsenal in the new year in the comment section. A new year brings dreams, and lets dream the biggest dreams. Have a great day, Gooners. We are winners again, finally.