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Friday open thread: What are you looking forward to?

Avalanches and heavy snowfall kill 12 in Kashmir Photo by Faisal Khan/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

It’s January, which is the time of year that people tend to look forward to the new year. Be it for personal reasons, work reasons, or because there’s something cultural going to happen that excites a person, this is very much a looking-forward season. Also because there’s only two weeks of backward and even in this super-rapid culture two weeks isn’t enough to generate nostalgia for the year gone by. Nobody’s writing BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR SO FAR after two weeks.

So, that’s my simple question to you: What are you looking forward to this year? Any travel on your horizon, or are you finishing a degree (or starting one), or is there a book/movie/record you’re particularly excited about? I don’t think there’s anything in, like, late summer or whatever I’m looking forward to at this point, but the last six episodes of Bojack Horseman come out at the end of this month and I’m pretty excited about that. And Better Call Saul comes back shortly after that, which will also be awesome.

Tell me what you’re looking forward to!