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Transfer rumor: Arsenal attempting to sign Layvin Kurzawa

We shall see.

UEFA Champions League”Paris St Germain v Galatasaray AS”

Ah, January. It’s a less silly season, but it’s still a silly season, when player rumors start flying around in earnest once again. The rumors may never be as explosive, since most teams seem to view January as a time to spackle over cracks rather than rebuild the house, if you will, but there’s still player movements here and there.

One of those might-be-moving players is PSG’s Layvin Kurzawa. The French international plays left back, which is an area where Arsenal desperately need reinforcements right now. Four of Arsenal’s five recognized left backs are injured, to various degrees, with only Bukayo Saka fit and ready to go. Kurzawa, thus, is kind of a slam dunk move for Arsenal, and it’s a move they’re reportedly trying to make today.

I know very little about Kurzawa, but this paragraph gives me a bit of pause:

Kurzawa has, however, faced criticism in France over his attitude and a perceived lack of robustness. He has suffered a number of injuries including a herniated disc in his spine which required surgery.

Now, maybe that attitude comes down to a frustration over a lack of playing time - as Ornstein notes, Kurzawa’s only made six starts this season, and has lost his regular place in the lineup. I get that. But between that and the injury history, it’s hard for me to see this move as a long-term solution; if he comes this month, I feel like he might be at the club this season and next and that might be it.

And that might be enough! I wouldn’t say this is a panic or a desperation move, but Arsenal need some help right now, and if Kurzawa can be that help for the rest of this season, it’s almost like contributing anything beyond that would be a bonus. If he can indeed be had for nothing, that’s even better - I’m skeptical that would be the case, but we live in hope, right?