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Monday cannon fodder: What do you want to see here?

Let’s figure out what this should be, shall we?

Kealakekua Bay, Snorkelers Photo by: Jeff Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Hi there! After a couple weeks of lovely vacation, in which I was able to unplug and avoid most everything, it’s finally time for me to face 2020 - I’m back at work, and back doing cannon fodders and otherwise TSF’ing as normal. Aaron and David did a great job filling in on the fodders while I was gone, for which I thank them (a lot!). They did so well, in fact, that it made me wonder what the Cannon Fodder should be.

My vision for this space, no matter what goes in the actual post itself, is that it’s a place that anyone who reads TSF can stop by, say howdy, and we can chat about things that aren’t necessarily Arsenal-related but that you still want to talk about. It could be other sports, something about pop culture, the weather, your day, or whatever - this is meant to be a more freewheeling, open-thread type thing, where you drive the conversation as much as we on the masthead do, if not more. A place where we can build a community.

Which is why I wonder: what’s the best thing for us to do with this space in order to create that? I don’t mind doing link dumps every day, I kinda like doing them and they can be good for driving discussions. But I also like the idea of a daily question or prompt or something, which also could help that community-building vision. Or some hybrid of the two. Or we could do something totally different.

So, let that be the first prompt in this brave new Cannon Fodder-y world: What would you like this space to be? I’d like this to be your space as much as ours, so let’s put our collective heads together and figure out what we’d like it to be!