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Wednesday cannon fodder: looking forward

For Auld Lang Syne Gooners!

Dubai Celebrates New Year’s Eve 2019
Fly Emirates, y’all.
Photo by WIN-Initiative/Getty Images

Happy New Year!

Hopefully you’re not feeling the effects of last night’s revelry too severely. But if you are, you’re in luck: Arsenal don’t play until 3 PM ET today. You’ve got time to recover from your drinking before our beloved club drives you back to the bottle.

I’ve never really been one for resolutions, but that’s mostly because in years past, I’ve been too hard on myself for falling short of my goals. Then one year, I resolved not to be so hard on myself, and things got better. **rimshot**

Don’t worry guys, I’ll be here all year.

Jokes aside, I have made a couple resolutions. First, I want to be better about writing down my goals and aspirations. Everything I have read says that it is a good way to hold yourself accountable, to succeed more frequently, and to celebrate your triumphs.

I want to read more. I’m sure I’ll focus mainly on journalistic pieces (both sports and non-sports) and books, but I’d also like to read some poetry and essays. Not only will it help my writing, but it will also be interesting and stimulating to explore new forms and expand my literary horizons. I’m open to suggestions for things to read, particularly suggestions that fall into those latter two categories.

Finally, I want to be better about keeping in touch with friends and family in different cities. I spend so much time doing things that can generously be described as time-fillers and not-so-charitably as time-wasters. I’m sure I can carve out some of it to do something more rewarding.

What are your resolutions, reader? Best wishes on meeting your goals for 2020 and more generally, for a fantastic year!