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Arsenal v. Manchester United: Community player ratings

Manchester United v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

This was a very September of 2018 Arsenal game, for sure. The first half was dire, and Arsenal couldn’t string two passes together to save their lives. And the set pieces...oof. But, then, the half time orange slices were passed around and Arsenal came out in the second half looking like a whole different side. Dani Ceballos made a huge difference, Arsenal looked much more poised and assured, at least until they got an equalizer.

After it got to 1-1, this game went back to not being the best advertisement for Premier League soccer; both teams were disjointed and a bit slow, and the torrential rain probably didn’t help matters. But, a point’s a point, and while there’s still a lot to worry about, at least this doesn’t count as another loss at Old Trafford.

Now it’s time to know how you felt about the performances. As usual, if you can’t see the form below, click here to go directly to it (and also click there and click “responses” to see, well, the responses). Rate the players, then drop into the comments and let us know why you thought what you thought!