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Arsenal v. Spurs: Community player ratings

Arsenal FC v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

It ended better than it started. After a first half in which Arsenal looked like hot garbage for most of it, they made some adjustments at half time and ended up being the better side for most of the second half, while sharing the points with a Spurs team that has to feel good about not losing this game. Arsenal still can’t defend, Granit Xhaka still should never play again, and Arsenal still have a lot of defensive problems to solve, but at least for today, they’ll take the point.

So how did the players do? That’s for you to tell us. Unfortunately, there’s no way to rate Granit Xhaka lower than a one, but just know that I know you rated him as a negative 4897.

As always, the form is below - if you can’t see the form or are having issues with it, hit this here link and go directly to it. Let us know why you rated how you rated in the comments!