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Hi! We’re The Short Fuse. Who are you?

Welcome to the new season of Premier League football!

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U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in Japan Photo by AP Photo/ Eugene Hoshiko/ Pool/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

After what seems like no time whatsoever since the, um, fun in Baku, it’s opening weekend in the Premier League again! The league itself kicks off Friday, with Liverpool hosting Norwich City, and Arsenal start this campaign away on Sunday at Newcastle.

As long-time readers will hopefully remember, we always like to take a day before the season starts to introduce ourselves a bit, and to ask you to do the same. What would we like to know? That’s a great question! We’re not Google, we aren’t harvesting your data, we’re not going to sell you anything.

We do, however, think that “knowing”, even at the remove of a computer screen, a couple things about people, things beyond their user name and love of Arsenal, helps to build a better, tighter community, so these prompts are all in that spirit.

Feel free to answer them, ask some of your own, and consider this your virtual living room as we get ready to roll out the 2019/2020 season.

Your real first name (only if you want to share, no obligation): Paul
I currently live in: Portland, OR
I was born in: Bellevue, WA
My current job is (or my current school/course of study is): IT security administration and business analysis for government
If I could be any fictional character throughout history, I would want to be: Ferdinand the bull.