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The Carabao Cup draw happened!

Exclamation points make it more exciting!

Soccer - Capital One Cup - Final - Bradford City v Swansea City - Wembley Stadium Photo by John Walton - PA Images via Getty Images

Ah, the early days of the season. Matches come at the languid pace of one a week, giving both players and fans time to breathe and gather their energy before the next one. The first crack in that dam appeared today, with the draw for the third round of the Carabao Cup taking place. Soon, matches will be flung at us thick and fast, and before we know it it’ll be May again and we’ll all wonder where the time went.

Out of the magical Carabao ping pong ball hopper came the following news:

So, it’s Nottingham Forest in the third round of a domestic cup. That feeling you’re feeling? It’s a bad acid flashback from the last time that happened, an ignominious 4-2 defeat that knocked Arsenal out of the FA Cup in the third round of that competition in 2018.

Arsenal made it through to the quarterfinals of this illustrious competition last year, before losing to Tottenham, and this year, expectations will be about the same. Arsenal will probably field a bunch of kids and reserves in this competition agan, as most top flight sides do, but those kids will no doubt want to make a good impression and threaten the first team as much as they can, at least job-wise.

The full list of third round matchups is highlighted by a matchup between...oh let’s face it there’s no big high-profile matches in this round of this competition, and you won’t be watching anything but Arsenal anyway. The full list is here. All third round matches will take place the week of September 23, with exact dates and times to be announced.