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Friday open thread: the worst

San Diego Padres v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Hi there! I don’t talk about it all that much, because this here is a soccer blog, but the only other sport I really pay attention to is baseball. And this year in baseball, we’re on the verge of seeing something historic. Not historic like 1927 Yankee historic, 2000 Pedro Martinez historic, or anything like that, though.

No, this season is going to be historic for the Baltimore Orioles for all the wrong reasons. This year, the Orioles lurched out of the gate firing on all no cylinders, powering to a 10-20 record by the end of April, and they’ve kept that pace up all season. As of today, they sit at 41 wins and 86 losses, a .320ish winning percentage that, if it holds steady, will see the Orioles post a 51 win season, which, while quite bad, isn’t an MLB record (that would be the 1962 Mets, at 40-120).

Not only that, but today, the O’s set another dubious record - their pitching staff gave up its 259th home run (just a shade over 2HR/game). That breaks the record, held since 2016 by the Cincinnati Reds, for most HR allowed in a season. And the Orioles still have 35 games left in the season!

Long story short, they’re bad. And I say that as a lifelong Mariner fan, so I know me some bad baseball. But that brings me to my question.

In your favorite sport, soccer or otherwise, what’s the worst season you’ve ever seen? Not even necessarily by a team you like (I really don’t care about the Orioles except in a watching-a-trainwreck way, although they have an amazing stadium), but in a sport you like, what’s the worst season by a team you can remember?

This Oriole season is right up there for me, although this isn’t even the first time in my lifetime they’ve been this bad - the 1988 Orioles lost 21 consecutive games on the way to a 54-107 record. So yeah, they’re not good.

What are some of the most memorable terrible seasons you can remember?