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Arsenal v. Burnley: Community player ratings

things are looking up.

Arsenal FC v Burnley FC - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Two games, two wins. That’s a much better start to the season than last season, right? I’m not going to say all Arsenal’s problems have been solved, but as season starts go, picking up six points from six and starting to integrate some of the new guys into the squad while you’re doing it is a pretty solid way to kick things off, as far as I’m concerned.

Speaking of the new guys, how about that Dani Ceballos performance, eh? I know, sample size is a thing, but sometimes it’s good to sit back and enjoy something rather than try to figure out the asterisks attached to that something. Ceballos was in boss mode today, providing the assists for both Arsenal goals and overall just making me happy that he’s an Arsenal player now.

What did you think? Of Ceballos, and of Arsenal overall? If you can’t see the form below, here’s a link that’ll go straight to it - hit it up either way and let us know why you rated how you rated in the comments. And enjoy a weekend that started with an Arsenal win.