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Friday open thread: Out of character

The Sound Of Parliament Funkadelic Photo by Rebecca Sapp/WireImage

Hi there! Happy Friday. As I write this, it’s Thursday, and I’m listening to the radio. And on said radio, they played a song that made me think of a great question. Given what you “usually” like, is there something in that same medium that is very out of character for you to like, but that you like anyway?

F’rinstance. Musically speaking, I grew up listening to metal and punk, and while I have branched out a ways as I’ve gotten older, I still stick largely within the genre most people would generically call “rock”. I like guitars, bass, and drums - other things have their place, but they don’t really do it for me.

But then, this song came across my radio waves this morning:

I unequivocally, absolutely love this song. I can’t explain it - I don’t like dance music/club music generally, I’m not a big Deee-lite fan in general, and other than Bootsy Collins, there’s nothing in this song that screams “PDB YOU WILL LOVE THIS SONG”. But damned if I don’t love this song.

It’s infectious, it’s catchy, and it just gets my blood movin’. And that’s never such a bad thing in a song, is it?

Honorable mention goes to this song:

Again, nothing about this song is me. I didn’t like Wham!, I don’t like top 40 pop music for the most part, but something about this song just hits me in the Fun Receptors, and you can’t argue with those.

What about you? Any songs you like that don’t really fit within your general parameters? How about movies or TV shows?