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Friday open thread: grilling season

Guam BBQ Block Party Photo by Guam Visitors Bureau via Getty Images

It’s June, which in most parts of the northern hemisphere means it’s summer. It’s not quite summer in Portland yet, but it’s getting nicer, so of course when that happens, one’s thoughts turn to the outdoors. Today, I want to talk about one specific part of the outdoors - grilling.

The one downside to where we live now is that we have no outdoor space. We chose our condo based on neighborhood, and the only thing we could afford in our neighborhood was a unit with no outdoor space. Our building doesn’t have a common area, either. It’s not the worst thing in the world, normally, but I do miss being able to go out and throw a couple burgers on the grill when we’re stumped as to what to do about dinner.

So today, I want to live vicariously through you. Are you a person who grills? What’s your favorite thing to grill? Any awesome have-to-have grilling recipes you want to share? Meat, corn, peppers, roast potatoes, whatever - let’s talk food on flame!

Grilling’s not your thing? Cool! Talk about other stuff if you want - this is your Friday open thread, so anything goes.