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Transfer rumor: Two players, one price?

The summer at the Sampdoria house might be hot.

Chievo Verona v Sampdoria - Serie A Photo by Paolo Rattini/Getty Images

Despite not having a lot of money to play with, Arsenal are becoming the center of a lot of links and rumors about players that may be targets, which is good to see. One of today’s rumors is a twofer:

Or, as a badly Google Translated article puts it,

In the next few hours the British will raise the proposal up to 50 million euros, a figure that would satisfy the patron Doriano Massimo Ferrero.

Arsenal had previously offered about €42 million (£37m) for the pair, which Sampdoria rejected as being too low, but apparently 50, not three, is the magic number here.

For those who don’t know (aka: me), Joachim Andersen is a Danish center back, and Dennis Praet is a Belgian attacking midfielder. Quite apart from their respective qualities as players, one of the most attractive parts for them to me is that their combined age is 48 - Andersen is 23 and Praet is 25. This is exactly the kind of profile Arsenal should be going after - talent that will help the club now, while also bringing down the average age of the squad, that can be sold in a few seasons.

These are both promising players who aren’t completely “finished” yet - Andersen played his first full season this past season, while Praet is a little further along his development curve, having played three full seasons at Sampdoria after playing really well in the Belgian top flight for six seasons.

If Arsenal spends the summer getting a few players like this, for me, at least, it will be a very successful transfer season indeed.