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Arsenal v. Brighton lineups, thread: One last time in London

The curtain comes down on the Emirates for another season.

Aerial Views Of London Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Arsenal welcome Brighton & Hove Albion to the Emirates to close out the home portion of the 2018/19 season. Brighton were just yesterday assured of their safety, with Cardiff’s loss to Crystal Palace seeing the Welsh side become the third relegated team, so hopefully there’ll be a bit of a hangover going around Brighton from their collective HOORAY WE ARE SAFE party. They end the season next week against Manchester City, so despite the fact that they have nothing really to play for in this game, they’ll look to get points today to finish the season strong, because the odds of doing so next week are...slimmer.

Arsenal played well against Valencia on Thursday, so let’s hope that the renewed confidence from that game gives them enough of a boost to do what they should do and send Brighton back home without a point to sweat out one more week of Premier League survival.

Arsenal came through that Europa League tie without incurring any more injuries, so Unai Emery will have a pretty full squad at his disposal. Brighton are also fully fit, but they’re also winless in their last seven, so fitness probably isn’t their main concern right now.

Three weeks ago, I would have said this was an easy three points. Intellectually, I still believe that, but emotionally, this game makes me nervous. Spurs did Arsenal a huge favor by Spursing up their weekend, and on the heels of that, hopefully Arsenal can do what they are capable of and get three points that they desperately need right now to set up a very stressful last game of the season.

Arsenal v. Brighton & Hove Albion
Premier League

Emirates Stadium, London

Sunday, May 5, 2019
8.30AM PT/11.30 AM ET/4.30 PM BT

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