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Cup final day open thread: Superstitions and rituals

What you got?

Four Leaf Clover Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images

No links today, because today’s all about the Cup final. No more talk of the disaster that is Baku, no more grumbling about the coach, no more forecasting finances based on one game - today’s about the game. There’s plenty of time for all that other stuff tomorrow, but for one day, let’s put all that aside, remember that Arsenal are in a got-danged cup final, and get excited!

In that vein, I have an open thread question. I asked yesterday where y’all were watching, and now today, I want to get in to what you do when you watch. I am generally not a person who ascribes things to luck, I don’t generally believe that we on the receiving end of the TV have any sway over how things and I’m completely not superstitious, but I am willing to suspend any and all of those on a European cup final day, because winning cups is fun. So:

- Do you have a particular place you need to be - a lucky chair or couch, a favorite booth at a bar?
- Do you have a shirt you’re going to wear, one that has been lucky for you in the past? Or lucky socks?
- Any other notable rituals around a big game day?

No matter where you are or what you’re doing today, I hope you enjoy the game - Cup finals are rare, and win or lose, this is a pretty awesome day to be an Arsenal fan.