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Friday open thread: what do we do now?

Protesters Demonstrate Against Clearance Of Hambach Forest For Coal Mine Photo by Michael Gottschalk/Getty Images

There are only two games left to go in the European - and this year, English - soccer calendar. After next Saturday, there will be no more Arsenal, no more Premier League games, until August. Sure, there’ll be transfer talk, schedule release, shirt releases, and all that stuff, but as far as actual games go, next weekend is it.

My question, then: what sports viewing occupies your Premier League offseason? I scratch my sports itch in two ways - I’m a season ticket holder for the Timbers, who will have a very busy summer this year since they haven’t played a home game yet. After late July, I think the Timbers play all but one of their games at home. So I will go to those games, and my favorite baseball team continues to be damn near unwatchable the Mariners. One of the best things about baseball is that there’s always a game on somewhere that I can watch,

What do you do to get your sports fix in the summers? Do you watch other leagues that play in the European offseason, or do you branch out to other sports and put soccer aside for a bit?

Also: Do you get a long weekend this weekend? Any plans?