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Friday open thread: You’re the boss

Let’s make some changes!

Chinese Welcome FIFA World Cup Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

I can’t think of a solid prompt, so it’s time for one of the most stereotypical questions on the internet!

You wake up tomorrow and discover that you have been named President of Soccer. Congratulations! As President of Soccer, you get all the benefits - free admission to any game you want (and good seats!), free kits as often as you want, that sort of thing - but there’s one other perk.

As the President, you’re also allowed to make three rule changes to the game.

What do you change? Here’s my three:

  1. I would eliminate throw-ins. In a game that is entirely contested by feet, it seems...strange to allow the ball to be entered into play via the hands. They’re also ridiculous because they often take place 10 or more yards from where the ball went out, because players creep up all the time. So I would replace the throw-in with a kick-in - a free kick from the spot the ball went out of bounds, taken right on the touchline.
  2. I would introduce 90’s-style MLS penalties - the player taking the PK takes the ball from 35 yards out, and can run towards goal anywhere between the edges of the penalty area (he can’t go all the way to the touchline) and the keeper does not have to stay on his line, but can come out and meet the attacker as he sees fit.
  3. I would make VAR mandatory, and take the decision to use it out of the hands of the center referee. I wouldn’t expand its use beyond the same four situations as now (goals, straight red cards, penalty claims, mistaken identity), but I would require review of all of them by the VAR officials, whose decision would be final and communicated through the center referee.

Those are my three. What are yours?