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Report: Arsenal to miss out on transfer target Christopher Nkunku

The PSG midfielder seems set to stay in Ligue 1 with a move to Rennes.

Paris Saint Germain v Club Atletico de Madrid - International Champions Cup 2018
Arsenal tried to get the young Frenchman on loan in January.
Photo by Lionel Ng/Getty Images

Every day closer to the end of the Premier League season is one day closer to the start of the Silly Season. The one where every team is interested in signing every player in the world, and every player is simultaneously “close to an agreement” with every team in the world. I’m convinced that some outlets literally throw darts labelled with player names at boards labeled with teams, but that may just be me.

It would appear as if the Silly Season for Arsenal will start with disappointment. January loan-to-buy / transfer target Christopher Nkunku and his current side PSG are in “advanced negotiations” to send the youngster to Rennes. The 21-year old has a year left on his contract and doesn’t look to have a place with the Parisian giants going forward.

Arsenal are in need of a renovation, if not a full-on rebuild. The side is getting older and has some significant depth issues. They are losing Aaron Ramsey to Juventus this summer and will be in need of midfield reinforcements. Nkunku would have been a good signing.

Missing out on the young Frenchman is a bummer, but that Arsenal were targeting him gives me confidence heading into the summer window. He is the type of signing that the club needs. Even if the Gunners add Champions League money to the war chest, there are too many needs and not enough cash to buy big name players in their primes. Arsenal need to look for the Lucas Torreira’s of the world. Talented, young players that they can buy before they become prohibitively expensive and can potentially sell four or five years on for a tidy profit.

Welcome to transfer rumor season y’all. None of us are ever really ready.