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Friday open thread: let’s chill

America’s Cup - Finals Races 9 & 10 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Happy Friday! Me and the lovely mrs. pdb are off to San Francisco for the weekend, which will mark the third weekend of the last four that we’ve been out of town. We’re extraordinarily lucky to have the freedom and ability to travel as we want to, but this much travel in this short of a time frame is a bit exhausting, and I am greatly looking forward to next weekend, when we have absolutely no plans and will do nothing but sit on the couch and read and watch movies, and probably order food in because we don’t really want to do anything at all, including cooking.

What do you do when you want to have some down time? Do you wall yourself off from friends and family and just hibernate, or does down time for you still mean interacting, just not as much? When you want to vegetate, do you have a go-to TV show or movie or anything, or do you truly disconnect?

In that spirit, also, what’s going on this weekend? Any fun plans, or is it a mellow weekend for you like we’re getting next weekend?