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Arsenal vs. Stade Rennes: Community player ratings

I mean, if you must.

Stade Rennais v Arsenal - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: First Leg Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Wow. That was a mess. Down a man and yet still level at a goal a piece, Arsenal decided they were done for the day. Too bad Rennes didn’t get the memo. Two goals later, Arsenal are all but out of the Europa League - it’s not guaranteed, and an away goal is a good thing to have, but the club has a lot of work to do if they want to keep their Europa League dream alive for another round.

So, have at it - rate the players with the form below, or click here to go directly to the form. Tell us why you rated as you rated in the comments. Or just rant at how badly it all went, either way. Anyway, here’s the form, so knock yourselves out. Geddit I made a knockout joke because that’s about to happen to this thing on? Hello?