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Friday cannon fodder: games!

Hasbro Announces New Monopoly Playing Figure Photo illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When I was young, I played a lot of board games - Monopoly, Parcheesi, Clue, Scrabble, Risk, Stratego, the list goes on. You name it, I’ve played it (probably). I also played a bunch of card games. Basically, table games were my jam.

As I got older, playing sports, doing homework, and seeing friends ate up more and more time to the point where I hardly played games at all. I dabbled in the early-mid 2000’s poker craze, but then college came along and, well, there were a lot of other things to occupy my time.

Now as an adult, I’ve found myself playing them again. I’ve recently played a good deal of this game named Azul and have also been into Gloomhaven. In the last month, I’ve also played games of Rummikube and Upwords. All of the games!

While a number of the local breweries (and a local bar) having board games as accompaniment to delicious drinks definitely hasn’t hurt things, I think I’ve also just rediscovered the fun I used to have playing games when I was younger. Game nights with friends are now a staple of my social life.

Do you have a favorite board or card game or any great game night traditions? I’m always looking for new ones to play, so please share!