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Help us tell you about Arsenal Women!

Do you follow the FA WSL?

Arsenal Women v Bristol City Women - FA WSL Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

One of the things that the vast increase in soccer’s popularity has done, albeit a lot more slowly and haltingly than many of us would like, is shine a light on the women’s game. Both in the US and in Europe, women’s leagues are starting to get a lot more attention and gain a lot more followers and support, and this is a great thing.

We at TSF have admittedly (and regrettably) been a bit behind the curve in covering Arsenal Women. Outside a few brief Cannon Fodder mentions and the occasional article, we have not had the bandwidth to cover the women’s team the way we have wanted to, and that’s long been something we’ve wanted to rectify.

We’re starting that process today, by asking some questions. Do you want to help us cover the Arsenal women’s team, and secondarily the FA WSL in general? Do you have time to watch the games, write match reports about them, and do team news posts and the like? If so, we’d like to talk to you!

We’ve got a lot of writers on staff, and they’re all awesome. None of us have time to devote the proper level of attention to the women’s side of Arsenal, though. We’re looking for someone who can make that coverage their priority.

Is that you? If it is, let me know - either express your interest in the comments or drop me a line directly, and let’s talk!