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Arsenal v. BATE Borisov, Europa League: Community player ratings

Um, well.

Huddersfield Town v Arsenal FC - Premier League Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images

That sure was...something. Arsenal, as is their mode these days, took an easy thing and made it very, very hard. They made BATE look like a Champions League side, and while the fact that the BATE goal isn’t an away goal is some very, very slim consolation, the fact is that Arsenal have a big mountain to climb in the second leg next Thursday.

And as an added bonus: there’s not a league game this weekend, so they have all week to ponder how awesome things are right now! Isn’t that great?

I wrote a piece earlier in the week about whether Arsenal are doing what they need to be doing, and I’ve written in the past about having patience with Unai Emery. Today very seriously tested both of those stances, and depending on what happens next week, I might be taking a very different stance on a manager who was, after all, hired to win Arsenal the Europa League. I’m not giving up yet, but this game should have been very easily winnable, and Arsenal very easily lost it.

Anyway, rate the players! Won’t that be fun? The form is here if you can’t see it below.